Writers' Block...

July 20th, 2008 + 7:07 PM  ·  takaminerbb13

Well, it was bound to happen eventually. That dreaded cloud that creeps into your mind and just lays waste to each and every one of your creative impulses. Well after years of ignorant bliss, it finally got me.

So back in the spring, I made a few attempts to write some new songs. I came up with a few that I liked, but nothing that I was really passionate about. I was pretty busy with school and I had some pretty serious medical problems that caused me to spend some time in the hospital, so it wasn't like I had a lot of time to spend on music anyway. So I decided to not make any big plans for the summer so that I'd have plenty of time to just sit in my studio and just work away the days writing tunes.

And now here I am. It's the summer time. I've got loads of free time. And what do I have to show for it? A couple crap songs that I don't really care for and a countless number of half finished bits... ideas jotted down in notebooks, where they'll probably stay forever... noodles up the wazoo.

I just can't seem to come up with any ideas. At first I thought I was trying too hard. I decided I'd just stop thinking about it and wait for something to inspire me, for something to just pop into my head like usual. After a month, I started trying again. I still can't come up with any ideas that I really like. I mean, I can force something out and mangle it into something half decent sounding, but I know I can't create anything great unless I really feel passionate about it. And I can only feel passionate about it if it's a good idea. It has to move me.

So I guess I'm just wondering, to those of you who have gone through this, or who might have some insight to share, what should I look for? Does it just take time? Should I just give up on it for a while or should I keep pushing on? I'd like to know your impressions. How do you come up with ideas? What inspires you guys?

I'm almost starting to wonder if it's even worth it anymore. I'd appreciate some feedback, if anyone is reading this...

- Ben
July 20th, 2008 + 9:07 PM  ·  Marino

Hey Ben I have  a lot of respect for your musical abilities and I think giving up is not an option for such talent..I would consider it a sin...
As far as writers block we all go through a process of feeling our cups...Some take days others never feel it up anymore... I have personal struggles between being a instrumentalist or a music writer...Thats my constant battle and it does get me depressed to the point that I need to stop thinking about it..I also at times have this great desire to write a new track but the process is so long and tedious that I don't even know where to start and a times I just don't know what to start with...I do music most every day after work and to me creativity is like a muscle that you have to exercise..Have you ever heard the term third eye of a painter well thats kinda how I try to hear things...When I'm in a rot I tend listen to other people that inspire me...Some times I just take the guitar outside and start jamming out and usually something entertains that though to the point were I start to develop a small progression idea ..But the point is that I try new things and I don't keep my music limited to cliches for inspiration..Ill invent chords ,do altered tunning,reverse a riff you name it what ever twinkles my ear ill do it...Now as far as laying back or pushing for me is a combination of both..I always push forward to make things happen ,but I will at times stop to clear my head of sound,but I always come back no more than a day after..

Anyways wish you luck and hope your medical situation has been resolved in better health for you...If you need to contact me Ben I'm always available..

Also collabs are good fun thing to do to get inspired if that moves you...
Be well Taka and Peace!


July 21st, 2008 + 8:07 AM  ·  FLYER7747

Hi Ben.Marino has some good points. We all, as artist go through our dry spells. When I get like that I leave it be for a bit. Sometimes a few days at a time. Then it comes back to me. It  always comes back to me when I'm not pushing it. I never push it anymore. Creativity has to come to me and sometimes it will come to me when I'm laying down going to bed. So I guess that happens because I'm relaxed. I can't force it I think when creativity is force its a little bit tougher. I like what Marino said about just taking the guitar out and just mess around with it and he creates chords.. I have done that also. I have a few chords to certain songs that I have no idea what they are..ha. , I think its just good to get outside and do things like that with the guitar. Try going to some open mics. I try to go to a few during the week. Does me good to be around other people that are Musicians and talk with them. Its nice to also play my music and sing at the opem mics. Its does me a lot of good to get out there. Maybe you can try doing that also if you haven't. Also try just going out to a place where people are and sit around with your guitar and mess around. I did that at Niagara Falls. I was surprised how good it felt and it really relaxed me. I'm not the best Musician that there is but, I hope this helps you some Ben. You have a lot of talent. Its there. Just let it be when you need to. It will come back to you, Ben It probably will come back to you when you ain't even trying to be creative. Creativity is something that your born with. You were born with it Ben. Just give it time. If I can be of any help to you just drop me a Pm or a email. My gmail is on my page. Flyer774@gmail.com. I wish you the best. You'll be fine. I know you will


Hi Ben

August 6th, 2008 + 9:08 PM  ·  Jefferson

It's been a while since I kicked around on the Amp...and I found your post, and I think that it is worth commenting on because it has been amazing to listen to what you've done over the last couple of years, and while so young...so I wonder a couple of things:

1. This maybe the first time you've hit this kind of thing and that can be scary, which of course doesn't help
2. You are partly afraid of living up to a standard (forget that one, please! just do stuff)

But I think try not to worry about it, and wait till you fill good about something but it doesn't have to be perfect. Perfection is the kiss of death if you are heading in that direction. I went to architecture scool and I was like a star student, and then I just got really tight and produced crap for a while as I was really tight. But then I said "Forget it" after a while and just got back into the process of it, without worrying to much about the result. Now when I'm not feeling it, I don't do anything except read fun books!


No Problem

March 17th, 2010 + 6:03 PM  ·  Denis

No 1 How is your health? Are you sleeping well
No 2 Do you practice every day, what do you practice, the practice needs to serve a goal, try practicing something different, don't worry about creating anything while you do it.
No 3 You have obviously not been practicing due to health reasons.
No 4 Do you practice playing your scales, hmm may seem very boring, but when you do practice the scales, put your heart and soul into it, make them shine. Then the magic will start to happen again.
No 5 Listen to some classical music, this will get your musical mind working
No 6 Don't put pressure on yourself, try to enjoy it, don't think about creating anything, just play and enjoy it.
No 7 Relax, when are you more relaxed morning, evening,
No 8 Is school too stressful? - unrelated stress does not go well with music, family pressures, work pressures, relationship pressures.  Unless you have it UNDER CONTROL

The main thing is to keep practicing, try 1 hour/day if you can.

Hope that helps


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